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Roos van Dijk
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Roos van Dijk
Utrecht, 1989

A fascination with modern architecture and the rush of modern life
are themes that are strongly present in the work of Van Dijk. The aesthetics
of the human-made environment is cast in paint, and forms and places from
our daily life are moulded in a new way of seeing. Through the action of
capturing large architectural structures and their beauty first in photographs,
Van Dijk frames her source in a way that is surprising.
As a following step, the artist translates the photographs into paintings where
the departing point is left aside and the layered, refined painting takes over.
What moves this process is the artist's will to give shape to her personal
encounters with such overwhelming spaces and hidden places, in a way that
becomes an accessible and open experience for the viewers as well.

Suzie Hermán, 2012

ArtEZ Academie voor beeldende kunsten - Arnhem
- NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN, K.A.I.R., Kasárne/Kulturpark, Kosice, SK (solo)
- Royal Award of Modern Painting 2013 exhibition, Royal Palace, Amsterdam
- Interpretating Frédéric Chaubin, Galerie Halte De Engel, De Steeg
- The Composed Environment, Museum Le Secet, Nijmegen
- Interpretating Frédéric Chaubain, Radboud University, Nijmegen (solo)
- Just Landed Cosmic Kids, Circa...dit, Arnhem
- Prone to Wander, P.ART of your life, Zwolle
- LUX SOLO, Café Lux, Nijmegen (solo)
- From the outside looking in // From the inside looking out, Nationale Nederlanden, Rotterdam (solo)
- Spiegeling, KCG, Arnhem
- Nieuwe Oogst 2012, to Art, Arnhem
- LICHTING '12, Gallery Vonkel, Den Haag
- Third Nature, i.c.w. diSTRUCTURA (SRB) , KiK, Nijeveen
- Bestemming onbekend, Gallery O-68, Velp
- It's All About Us, Graduation show Fine Art ArtEZ Arnhem